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Taoist Buildings

Author : Yun Qiao
ISBN : 3211830103
Genre : Architecture
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The Taoist buildings and gardens and their relationship to natural elements, history and legends provide a rare insight into the ethereal world of Taoism. Taoist buildings have basically evolved from the traditional square Chinese courtyards. The main halls built on the central axis serve as places of enshrinement and worship for statues of Taoist gods, as well as for conducting ritual ceremonies. Many Taoist temples have a small garden. In hilly areas, these gardens have been built to gracefully echo the surrounding landscape. These temples abound with sculpture, calligraphy and stone inscriptions.

Buddhist Buildings

Author : Ran Wei
ISBN : 321183009X
Genre : Architecture
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With the spread and integration of Buddhism with Confucianism, devotional buildings underwent an evolution, of which numerous pagodas, temples and grottos with statues of Buddha and other gods have survived. The Chinese Buddhist temples were organized around courtyards and verandas with a central pagoda surrounded by smaller houses for the monks. There are also two main categories of grotto temples cut into hillsides: Phil, based on a square plan, and the horseshoe-shaped Shiite temples.

Ludwig Mies Van Der Rohe

Author : Daniela Hammer-Tugendhat
ISBN : 3211830650
Genre : Architecture
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The Tugendhat House in Brno (Czech Republic) was planned and built by Mies van der Rohe from 1928a "1930, and is universally regarded not only as one of his masterpieces, but also as one of the most important buildings of European Modern architecture. What makes this monograph particularly fascinating is the fact that it presents previously unpublished photographs belonging to the Tugendhat family. These show the house as it was when it was first lived in. The facade and the roof terrace are, as the architect had envisioned, covered with climbers and creepers, thus making it clear that the architecture of the house and the landscaped garden were conceived as a whole. A representative collection of plans and drawings from Mies van der Rohea (TM)s atelier can also be seen for the first time. Carefully produced photographs of the original furniture in the familya (TM)s possession, much of which has never been shown, are also included. Essays by Wolf Tegethoff, Franz Schulze, and Ivo Hammer give a detailed analysis of the significance of the Tugendhat House in the context of Mies van der Rohea (TM)s architecture as a whole, as well as the living concepts of Modern architecture, to which Mies made such a decisive contribution. Daniela Hammer-Tugendhat applies herself to the key question as to how habitable the Tugendhat House was, based on her personal recollections and texts written by her parents.

Ritual And Ceremonial Buildings

Author : Dazhang Sun
ISBN : 1627740201
Genre : Architecture
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Ritual and Ceremonial Buildings details the formation and historical development of ritual architecture, from the Confucian ritual concept to the sacrificial architecture of the Ming and Qing dynasties. The term “ritual architecture” is applied to buildings and structures constructed for sacrificial purposes, such as altars and temples. In feudal China, altars and temples were built according to strict traditions, and so naturally ritual buildings became an important part of China’s ancient architecture. The first part of Ritual and Ceremonial Buildings traces ritual architecture as it developed from the Confucian philosophy that advocated the governing of the country by rites. In the second part, Sun Dazhang details these buildings with beautiful color photographs and explanatory captions, highlighting the artistic significance of the spectacular altars, temples and halls of ancient China. As Confucianism became a national philosophy, the sacrificial altars and temples for worship began to fall under the direct control of the government. Their magnificence today can very well be compared with that of imperial palaces, large monasteries, and Taoist temples. This volume most notably highlights the Temple of Heaven in Beijing, where emperors of the Ming and Qing dynasties held sacrificial ceremonies to heaven and prayed for rain and a good harvest. It also discusses the many different types of sacrificial architecture, including temples for the worship of natural gods, temples for the worship of ancestors, and temples for the worship of sages. Including 119 color photographs, 26 illustrations and figures, and 3 maps, Ritual and Ceremonial Buildings documents the various examples of ritual and ceremonious architecture in ancient China. This volume displays the luxurious internal and external details of numerous halls and temples, presenting to the reader the skilled artistry that characterized ancient Chinese architecture.

Characterisation And Engineering Properties Of Natural Soils Two Volume Set

Author : T.S. Tan
ISBN : 9780415889513
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 32. 13 MB
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Following on from the first two volumes, published in 2002, volumes 3 and 4 of Characterisation and Engineering Properties of Natural Soils review laboratory testing, in-situ testing, and methods of characterising natural soil variability, illustrated by actual site data. Less well-documented soil types are highlighted and the various papers take into account location and distribution, engineering geology, composition, state and index properties, structure and engineering properties. Also treated is the quality and reliability of data with reference to methods of sampling and testing, and its relevance to engineering problems. These volumes will be useful to consulting engineers, geotechnical engineering academics and researchers, and civil engineers and soil scientists.

Physical Modelling In Geotechnics Two Volume Set

Author : Sarah Springman
ISBN : 9781466557420
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 62. 62 MB
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This book results from the 7th ICPMG meeting in Zurich 2010 and covers a broad range of aspects of physical modelling in geotechnics, linking across to other modelling techniques to consider the entire spectrum required in providing innovative geotechnical engineering solutions. Topics presented at the conference: Soil – Structure – Interaction; Natural Hazards; Earthquake Engineering: Soft Soil Engineering; New Geotechnical Physical; Modelling Facilities; Advanced Experimental Techniques; Comparisons between Physical and Numerical Modelling Specific Topics: Offshore Engineering; Ground Improvement and Foundations; Tunnelling, Excavations and Retaining Structures; Dams and slopes; Process Modelling; Goenvironmental Modelling; Education

Practical Building Conservation

Author : John Ashurst
ISBN : 029139776X
Genre : Buildings
File Size : 75. 16 MB
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In five volumes, Practical Building Conservation provides a comprehensive and practical reference source for those involved in restoration, preservation, repair or maintenance of historic buildings. Architects, surveyors and building contractors will find it essential reading - whether they are responsible for repairing a large, historic site or part of the fabric of a small one.The authors consider the complete range of materials and the problems likely to occur with each. Chemical, mechanical and other forms of treatment are analysed with precise information on which form of restoration works best in each particular case. This is backed up by practical advice - covering everything from complicated repair processes (simply explained) to the removal of ground-in chewing gum from paving stones.The other volumes in this series include: stone masonry; brick, terracotta and earth; plasters, mortars and renders; metals.Volume 5 Wood, Glass and Resins examines the repair and treatment of timber and glass; a short chapter on the use of resins in conservation has also been added.The sections on wood analyse the problems of fungi, insects, and timer distortion and explore the use of substitute materials and finishes for external surfaces. Techniques for conservation of historic glass include an evaluation of cleaning methods, treatment of paint loss and how to protect glass from vandalism, breakage and the problems of variable climatic conditions.An important feature of this book is the 35 page Select Technical Bibliography representing all five volumes in the series.

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