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Dark Horse

Author : Tami Hoag
ISBN : 9781409140450
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 68. 91 MB
Format : PDF
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In DARK HORSE, Tami Hoag - the Sunday Times bestselling author of A THIN DARK LINE - introduces former detective Elena Estes with a thrilling tale of suspense and redemption. 'Hoag's books should come with a health warning: Too much tension and suspense can cause heart problems. Highly recommended' Guardian Elena Estes' stubborn risk-taking has cost her dearly: her job, her confidence, her career in the Miami PD and, most importantly, the life of a fellow cop. Now in retreat in Florida with only the soothing presence of horses for company, Elena begins to find some peace. But then a visitor comes calling. Twelve-year-old Molly Seabright believes something terrible has happened to her older stepsister. Erin, eighteen and trouble, is a groom at the Wellington show grounds but hasn't been seen for several days. Elena isn't interested in the case but Molly convinces her to make one trip to the show grounds. Elena finds herself in a world populated by the ultra-rich and the ultra-ruthless. She must find out what's happened to Erin before it's too late to save the girl - and herself. A page-turning thriller packed with suspense. If you like Angela Marsons, Rachel Abbott and Karen Rose you will love Tami Hoag.

The Alibi Man

Author : Tami Hoag
ISBN : 9781409105527
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 80. 68 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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In THE ALIBI MAN, Tami Hoag - the Sunday Times bestselling author of A THIN DARK LINE - returns with the second book in the private investigator Elena Este series. EVERYONE has secrets. You only have to scratch the surface to draw blood. The Palm Beach elite go to great lengths to protect their own - and their own no longer includes Elena Estes. Elena turned her back on a life of wealth and privilege and chose the life of an undercover cop. A tragic mistake ended her career. Now Elena exists on the fringes of her old life, training horses for a living. But a shocking event is about to draw her back into the painful life she's fought so hard to leave behind. First she finds the body - a young woman used, murdered, and dumped in a canal. Not just a victim, but a friend. As Elena delves into her dead friend's secret life, she discovers ties not only to the Russian mob but also to a group of powerful and wealthy Palm Beach bad boys known for giving each other alibis to cover a multitude of sins. A group that includes a man Elena once knew very well-her former fiancé, Bennett Walker, a man she knows has already escaped justice at least once in his life. Finding her friend's killer will put Elena at odds with her old life, with her new lover, and with herself. A gripping suspense thriller perfect for fans of Lisa Gardner, Karen Rose and Tess Gerritsen. New York Times bestseller Tami Hoag takes the reader behind the picket fences of small-town America, she finds the most gruesome killers and twisted predators. Gripping to the end, and full of tension and suspense.

Night Sins

Author : Tami Hoag
ISBN : 9781409140436
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 27. 99 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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The first suspense mystery in the Deer Lake series from Sunday Times bestselling author Tami Hoag. Deer Lake is a small Minnesota town where people know their neighbours and crime is something that happens on the evening news. But the illusion of safety is shattered when eight-year-old Josh Kirkwood disappears. All the police find is his duffel bag with a note stuffed inside, 'Ignorance is not innocence but SIN'. With each passing hour the search for Josh takes on a more ominous intensity. For Megan O'Malley, the new regional officer of the state criminal investigative unit, it is a test of whether she can cut it in the all-male world of local cops. And for police chief Mitch Holt, it is a frightening reminder of the big city crime that devastated his life before he fled to Deer Lake ...

Kill The Messenger

Author : Tami Hoag
ISBN : 9781409140481
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 48. 96 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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A race-against-time thriller from Tami Hoag, Sunday Times bestselling author of A THIN DARK LINE. Perfect for fans of Lisa Gardner and Karen Rose. 'Keeps the surprises coming right up to the very last page' The Times. At the end of long, hard day battling LA street traffic, bike messenger Jace Damon is called on to make one last pick-up at a sleazy defence attorney's office - Leonard Lowell. Jace is tired, stressed and needs to get home to check up on his little brother who he's single-handedly bringing up. He makes the pick-up, but the delivery address turns out to be a vacant lot, a car tries to run him down and Jace only just escapes. He arrives back at Lowell's office to find it trashed, Lowell dead and himself the prime suspect. Jace is forced to elude both the police and the men who want him dead while he attempts to find evidence with which to clear his name. He also has to try to keep Ty, his brother, safe from someone prepared to kill... A page-turning thriller packed with suspense, perfect for fans of Kovac & Liska police procedural series.

Deeper Than The Dead

Author : Tami Hoag
ISBN : 9781409106821
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 40. 58 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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The first mystery in the Oak Knoll series starring FBI Profiler Vince Leone, from Sunday Times bestselling author Tami Hoag. Three dead women; three children each with their families under suspicion; a community packed with secrets. And one serial killer. On the damp, leaf-strewn ground a gruesome trophy is displayed. It's a young woman. Although her battered body has been buried, her head is propped on a stone like an offering, her mouth and eyes glued shut, her eardrums destroyed. This killer has struck this peaceful town before - and the savagery he inflicts on his victims is increasing. Vince Leone, a pioneering FBI profiler, is called in to try to unlock the mind of the killer - a strategy that pulls him deep into the devastated community. Suspicions thicken, secrets spill out and reputations shatter as Vince draws ever nearer to evil . . . Watch out for the next title in the Oak Knoll FBI Profiler thriller series SECRETS TO THE GRAVE

A Thin Dark Line

Author : Tami Hoag
ISBN : 9781409140405
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 63. 44 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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A botched investigation - and a killer walks free... The death of a beautiful woman ... an arrogant man who claimed to be her suitor but was probably her murderer ... a cop accused of planting evidence ... and a town steeped in secrets and shadows. Deputy Annie Broussard is still haunted by the case of Pamela Bichon. The killer walked free, and Annie can't forget the sight of Pamela's mutilated body. But her obsessive search for justice lands her with a dilemma where she must defend or accuse a fellow cop ...

The Thrillers

Author : Tami Hoag
ISBN : 0752860054
Genre : Detective and mystery stories
File Size : 65. 76 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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ASHES TO ASHES: Known as The Cremator, the serial killer has already claimed three victims, and there's only one witness, who's not talking. As she battles with her own demons amidst the frenzy of media attention, ex-FBI agent Kate Conlan finds herself on the trail of a vicious murderer. She's got what it takes to stop him. And he wants her alone... DUST TO DUST: Andy Paxton's death is a potential political bomb for the Minneapolis Police Department. He'd been investigating a possible the brutal murder of an officer. But Andy's death looks like suicide, or an unfortunate accident, but Andy's ex-lover doesn't believe he killed himself, accidentally or otherwise. As Kovac investigates, he discovers it is looking very much like Paxton discovered something that got him killed. And he might not be the final victim... DARK HORSE: Elena's risk-taking has cost her dearly: her confidence, her career, and, most importantly, the life of a fellow cop. Now in retreat in Florida, Elena begins to find some peace. But then a visitor comes calling. Twelve-year-old Molly thinks something terrible has happened to her stepsister, Erin, who hasn't been seen for several days. Elena visits the show grounds where Erin worked. There, Elena discovers the dark side of a glamorous sport. She must find out what's happened to Erin before it's too late to save the girl - and herself.

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