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Author : Kerry Hamm
ISBN : 1532954727
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Kerry Hamm, ER registration clerk at a small town in Ohio, brings another hit. Filled with stories about injuries sustained while patients were not thinking so clearly, sad tales that reveal the not-so-funny side of the emergency room, things I've learned after years of being in this position, and signs you work in the ER, this condensed book has just enough to tickle your funny bone and then make you cry.

A Double Dose Of Dilaudid

Author : Kerry Hamm
ISBN : 1511829842
Genre :
File Size : 28. 58 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Welcome to a small-town Emergency Room in rural Ohio. While it's true our ER doesn't see the stabbing and gunshot action ERs see in inner cities, we have no shortage of the sad, the scary, the painful, and the just plain dumb. With more than 20 stories, things ER workers want to say to patients, and Emergency Room BINGO, 'A Double Dose of Dilaudid' will take you on a joyride to the funnier side of the ER. See what a bored husband did to get out of a date night with his wife, learn what happens when you try to make your own meth, and read about items men and women have inserted in their bodies.

Confessions Of Emergency Room Doctors

Author : Rocky Lang
ISBN : 9780740789601
Genre : Humor
File Size : 67. 84 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Rocky Lang and Dr. Erick Montero offer up more than 200 firsthand accounts of emergency room dramas along with bizarre and insightful medical facts and stats inside Confessions of Emergency Room Doctors. Sample entries include: * Strange Disease Fact: A melcryptovestimentaphilliac is someone who compulsively steals ladies underwear. * Dr. Brown, Chicago Hospital, writes: "A woman came into the ER, ready to give birth, followed by her husband and about ten kids. Their last name was King. We took her to the operating room and soon I came out and announced that he was the proud father of a baby boy--I told him his wife said that he should name the little one. Mr. King scratched his head and said, "Gee I just don't know, I've just about used up all the names I can think of." He glanced up at a sign that read, "No Smoking." "That's it," he says, "I'll name him Nosmo--Nosmo King."

Er Behind The Curtain

Author : Gary D. Marks
ISBN : 1482573644
Genre : Medical
File Size : 31. 47 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Newly revised!Prepare to be taken through the looking glass and into the secret world of emergency medicine. No punches are pulled, no happy endings ensured. Find out what it really takes (and takes out of) residents and medical students hoping to complete the training required to call themselves ER physicians. The shocking truths exposed behind the curtain will forever change how you view hospitals, residents, and the entire medical profession.Yes, the stories you are about to read REALLY happened, even the ones that seem outside the realm of possibility. Similar events occur daily in ER's across the country. They are just kept quiet, "Behind the Curtain." This first hand account pulls back that shade and reveals ER medicine and residency training in the United States for all to see.This is your survivalist's guide to the Emergency Department. The stories you will read illustrate a number of potential and real downfalls in medical training and even modern ER medicine. By reading through the trials, setbacks, and unexpected traps experienced by me and my colleagues, it is my hope the same errors will be avoided by future residents and the millions of patients that visit ERs every year. As a patient, knowing where and how mistakes are made and knowing even a few of the key "tricks" doctors use to get their own medical care can make the difference between life and death.In essence, this is a chronicle of my journey into another world, a world most people have no idea exits, a world that I hardly grasped as I prepared to enter...

The Last Village Smithy

Author : Ray Glabach
ISBN : 9781456758998
Genre : History
File Size : 39. 23 MB
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One of the large sliding doors on the south side of the shop was wide open and Henry went through it on a dead run followed closely by the angry ox. Henry ran completely through the shop and out an open door on the garage end. Luckily, the ox was slowed somewhat by its new iron shoes which didn’t provide much traction on the hard concrete floor. But, it knew where Henry went and charged out the door after him. Chapter 3: the Ox Shoe Incident The next morning while Frank was doing the milking, Tex came slowly limping into the barn on three legs. One ear was badly torn and his white fur was caked with dried blood. “Thank God you’re back. We had given you up for dead,” Frank told him. The rest of the milking would have to wait. Chapter 8: Frank Wood’s Muck-land Potatoes What was in that cabinet? What was so valuable or secretive that it needed to always be locked away? Moreover, why didn’t Henry, who knew just about everything about the town, know what was inside? Or, was it a secret and he wasn’t telling? As youthful curiosity will often insist, one day I just had to have an answer. Chapter 12: Town Hall Tales When the spray of water hit the fire and hot bricks, it instantly turned to a huge quantity of steam. The steam immediately changed direction and exploded out the top of the chimney. The steam explosion launched many bricks and one very startled fireman off the roof still clutching the writhing fire hose as if it was an enraged python with a bareback rider. Chapter 17: the Cellar Savers It would have been priceless to see the expression that must have come across the face of the car’s driver as his headlights caught the sight of that sled full of kids passing him and pulling ahead. Chapter 28: The Ripsled Riders

The Library Index To Periodicals And Current Events

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ISBN : UIUC:30112113988031
Genre : Periodicals
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Editor And Publisher

Author :
ISBN : MINN:31951001229580Q
Genre : Journalism
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