girl monster the true story of brookey lee west

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Girl Monster

Author : Sarah Sanchez
ISBN : 1537623699
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One of the most gruesome and bizarre crimes that ever occurred in Las Vegas was discovered on February 5, 2001. The manager of Canyon Gate Mini Storage, Bill Unruh, opened Unit #317 after someone reported a very bad smell. He found a 45-gallon garbage container that had a brownish liquid oozing out of it at the bottom. He called police. Detectives entered a unit that contained normal items on one side and the oozing sealed-up garbage container on the other side. There were also books about witchcraft and Satanism in the locker. Unruh told police that the unit had been rented in the names of Brookey Lee West and Christine Smith on June 26, 1998. The garbage container had been made airtight with duct tape, packing tape, plastic wrap, and garbage bags. The leakage was coming from a hole that had developed in the bottom. When investigators cut the container open, more fluid seeped out accompanied by dead maggots. They could see a human body inside, very decomposed. The body was mostly liquefied, but those on scene could easily see that a white plastic bag was tied around the person's face. Crime scene analysts tested the brownish liquid for human blood and the test was positive. In the storage unit, Detective David Mesinar found Christine Smith's wallet, ID, prescriptions, and documents relating to her Social Security payments. Dental records confirmed that the body was Christine's. Christine would have been 68 years old if she was still alive. Detectives began by looking for Christine's daughter, 46-year-old Brookey Lee West.


Author : Glenn Puit
ISBN : 9781448117499
Genre : True Crime
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Matvay looked inside and saw something so horrible, so startled even the veteran crime investigator. "There's a body in here," he said. "Another homicide!" From the first whiff of the pungent smell coming from the garbage can, the Las Vegas cops knew what they were dealing with. Someone was dead and the witchcraft books at the scene suggested they had died in a deeply sinister way. Witch is the disturbing true story of how and why a sweet-natured girl called Brookey Lee West become one of America's most notorious female killers.

Killing The Presidents

Author : Nicholas Vulich
ISBN : 0615782078
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Killing The Presidents: Presidential Assassinations & Assassination Attempts Killing The Presidents offers a fascinating look at the Presidents who lost their lives, the motives and mental states of the assassins, and the reactions of the public to the shootings. Among the characters you will meet are: Charles Julius Guiteau, the man who shot James Garfield. He told authorities "I was in my bed ... and I was thinking over the political situation, and the idea flashed through my brain that if the President was out of the way everything would go better..." And later, during his trial, he added, "I presume I shall live to be President. Some people think I am as a good man as the President (Chester A. Arthur) now." John Schrank, the man who shot Theodore Roosevelt, said "In a dream I saw President McKinley sit up in his coffin pointing at a man in a monk's attire in whom I recognized Theodore Roosevelt. The dead President said-This is my murderer-avenge my death." And, so he shot, and wounded the Bull Moose Candidate. John Wilkes Booth, the assassin of President Lincoln, wrote in his diary just a few nights before his death, "I have to great a soul to die like a criminal..." The stories are amazing. The similarities between each of the assassinations make you sit up and think. Most of the assassins discovered the President's itinerary by reading the newspaper. Leon Czolgosz, the assassin of President McKinley, told authorities, "Eight days ago, while I was in Chicago, I read in a Chicago newspaper of President McKinley's visit to the Pan-American Exposition at Buffalo. That day I bought a ticket and got here with the determination to do something, but I did not know just what. I thought of shooting the President..." This is the story of the assassinations, told as much as possible in the words of the witnesses, the assassins, and the attempted assassins The book is short, just 108 pages, easy to read, and will leave you wanting to investigate, and learn more about this dark area of American history. Some of the details are quite graphic, such as Surgeon Charles Taft describing the how they carried the dying Abraham Lincoln to Petersen House - "blood [was] dripping from the wound, faster and faster" as they walked. And, throughout the night, he held the dying President's head so blood and brain tissue could continue to ooze out, and prevent clotting. Other parts will make you laugh. Giuseppe Zangara, the man who attempted to kill Franklin Roosevelt was so short he had to stand on a folding chair to get a good look at the President elect, and then he testified he "decided to kill him and make him suffer since...since my stomach hurt." Don't wait another minute. Order your copy of this book today, and read the true story of the Presidential assassins! * You can read it instantly on your Kindle, iPad, iPhone, or on your laptop using the Kindle for PC App. * Scroll up to the top and read a sample, or better yet, order your copy today, and start selling on eBay in less than an hour.

The Tolerance Trap

Author : Suzanna Danuta Walters
ISBN : 9780814770597
Genre : Social Science
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From Glee to gay marriage, from lesbian senators to out gay Marines, we have undoubtedly experienced a seismic shift in attitudes about gays in American politics and culture. Our reigning national story is that a new era of rainbow acceptance is at hand. But dig a bit deeper, and this seemingly brave new gay world is disappointing. For all of the undeniable changes, the plea for tolerance has sabotaged the full integration of gays into American life. Same-sex marriage is unrecognized and unpopular in the vast majority of states, hate crimes proliferate, and even in the much vaunted “gay friendly” world of Hollywood and celebrity culture, precious few stars are openly gay. In The Tolerance Trap, Suzanna Walters takes on received wisdom about gay identities and gay rights, arguing that we are not “almost there,” but on the contrary have settled for a watered-down goal of tolerance and acceptance rather than a robust claim to full civil rights. After all, we tolerate unpleasant realities: medicine with strong side effects, a long commute, an annoying relative. Drawing on a vast array of sources and sharing her own personal journey, Walters shows how the low bar of tolerance demeans rather than ennobles both gays and straights alike. Her fascinating examination covers the gains in political inclusion and the persistence of anti-gay laws, the easy-out sexual freedom of queer youth and the suicides and murders of those in decidedly intolerant environments. She challenges both “born that way” storylines that root civil rights in biology, and “god made me that way” arguments that similarly situate sexuality as innate and impervious to decisions we make to shape it. A sharp and provocative cultural critique, this book deftly argues that a too-soon declaration of victory short-circuits full equality and deprives us all of the transformative possibilities of full integration. Tolerance is not the end goal, but a dead end. In The Tolerance Trap, Walters presents a complicated snapshot of a world-shifting moment in American history—one that is both a wake-up call and a call to arms for anyone seeking true equality.

Queering Public Address

Author : Charles E. Morris
ISBN : 1570036640
Genre : Language Arts & Disciplines
File Size : 70. 51 MB
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Ten noted rhetorical critics disrupt the silence regarding nonnormative sexualities in the study of American historical discourse and upend the heteronormativity that governs much of rhetorical history. Reconfiguring Quintilian's mandate that an orator is a good man speaking well, contributors grapple at the intersection of rhetoric, history, and sexuality as they interrogate historically situated discursive performances, politics, and meanings of the good queer speaking well. Enacting both political and radical visions, these scholars articulate the promises of gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender public address and the queer critiques that work to deepen their fulfillment. The contributors consider figures such as Abraham Lincoln, Eleanor Roosevelt, Harvey Milk, Marlon Riggs, and Lorraine Hansberry.

Contemporary Hollywood Stardom

Author : Thomas Austin
ISBN : 034080937X
Genre : Performing Arts
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Taking account of the major developments in the field of star studies, this book explores the political economy of stardom, questions of performance, the effect on stardom of convergence between the film industry and other leisure industries, and the role of audiences. The book combines a review of current trends with case studies of individual stars enabling students and researchers to widen their knowledge of the field and explore new ways of approaching the star phenomenon.

Small Sacrifices

Author : Ann Rule
ISBN : 9781940018195
Genre : True Crime
File Size : 43. 22 MB
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When Diane Downs and her three children were shot on a quiet, country road, residents of Springfield, Oregon, were frightened. A bushy haired stranger had flagged down their car, Diane told police, as she described how the man had coldly opened fire on her sleeping children. Despite the fact she was shot, too, the young mother managed to drive to the hospital in time to save all but one child. But something about her story was fishy, and detectives began to suspect Diane was lying. Was it possible that she was the shooter? Absolutely not, her supporters insisted. Diane, they said, adored her children. When investigators suggested a motive, Diane was indignant. Not only would she never harm her own children, she certainly would never do it for the reason detectives suggested. Was the attractive blonde the wonderful mother she claimed to be? Or was she a woman so obsessed, she would kill her own young to achieve her goal? Ann Rule's critically acclaimed SMALL SACRIFICES, was an instant bestseller, and later Farrah Fawcett was nominated for an Emmy for her portrayal of Downs in the TV miniseries based on Rule's book.

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