living on the fault line managing for shareholder value in the age of the internet

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Summary Living On The Fault Line

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The must-read summary of Geoffrey Moore's book: "Living on the Fault Line: Managing for Shareholder Value in the Age of the Internet". This complete summary of the ideas from Geoffrey Moore's book "Living on the Fault Line" asks a fundamental question: "What should an established company which rose to prominence prior to the age of the Internet know and do about its stock price now the Internet has arrived?". The answer is both simple and complex to achieve - companies must use the internet to build a competitive advantage. In his book, the author explains ways to accomplish this ambition in the online age. He suggests that companies now need to look closely at how they can add value with new technology – in the value chain, for example, or in company execution. This summary will teach readers to understand the process of new technology adoption and why it plays a big role in building competitive advantage. Added-value of this summary: • Save time • Understand key concepts • Expand your knowledge To learn more, read "Living on the Fault Line" and discover how you can take advantage of the internet to get ahead of competitors and stay there.

Living On The Fault Line Revised Edition

Author : Geoffrey A. Moore
ISBN : 9780061850370
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The fault line -- that dangerous, unstable seam in the economy where powerful innovations and savage competition meet and create market-shattering tremors. Every company lives on it; no manager can control it. In the original edition of Living on the Fault Line, Geoffrey Moore presented a compelling argument for using shareholder value (or share price) as the key driver in management decisions. Moore now revisits his argument in the post-Internet bubble world, proving that the methods he espouses are more germane than ever and showing companies how to use them to survive and thrive in today's demanding economy. Extending the themes of Crossing the Chasm and Inside the Tornado, his first two books on the dynamics of the high-tech markets, Moore shows why sensitivity to stock price is the single most important lever for managing in the future, both as a leading indicator of shifts in competitive advantage and as an employee motivator for making necessary changes in organizations heretofore impervious to change. This revised and updated edition includes: A deeper emphasis on core versus context, which has emerged as the key distinction in allocating resources to improve shareholder value A new Competitive Advantage Grid that will aid managers in achieving and sustaining competitive advantage, the most important component in managing for shareholder value An expanded Value Discipline Model as it relates to the Competitive Advantage Grid Analysis of the powerful new trend toward core/context analysis and outsourcing production duties Updated models of organizational change for each stage of market development As disruptive forces continue to buffet the marketplace and rattle the staid practices of the past, Moore offers a brilliant set of navigational tools to help meet today's most compelling management challenges.

Value Management

Author : Roger H. Davies
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Change programmes in both private and public sectors have a poor record of delivering their intended value. The reasons given most often for their failure include lack of executive support or buy-in from key users, loose requirements definition, weak programme management, and plain wishful thinking. They rarely include technical limitations. Value Management puts forward the view that the true problem lies in failing to understand the causal links between the intended stakeholder outcomes and the actual programme outputs. Repeating the pattern of failure can be avoided by asking two questions: – Before implementation, what capabilities must a change programme deliver, when and in what order so as to cause intended value against a defined purpose with speed and certainty? – During and after implementation, what minor adjustments and/or major shifts are needed to be certain that the programme remains on purpose and on value? and two answers to be given: – Target, time and align change programmes to deliver maximum intended value to stakeholders - the baseline business case – track and respond to changes during and beyond implementation to ensure that the programme actually delivers or exceeds intended value - value realisation. The authors show how, by asking and answering these questions, direction and delivery of any programme can be clarified and greater economic value achieved.

Creating The Discipline Of Knowledge Management

Author : Michael Stankosky
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In this book Dr. Michael Stankosky, founder of the first doctoral program in knowledge management, sets out to provide a rationale and solid research basis for establishing Knowledge Management (KM) as an academic discipline. While it is widely known that Knowledge is the driver of our knowledge economy, Knowledge Management does not yet have the legitimacy that only rigorous academic research can provide. This book lays out the argument for KM as a separate academic discipline, with its own body of knowledge (theoretical constructs), guiding principles, and professional society. In creating an academic discipline, there has to be a widely accepted theoretical construct, arrived at by undergoing scholarly scientific investigation and accompanying rigor. This construct becomes the basis for an academic curriculum, and proven methodologies for practice. Thus, the chapters in this book bridge theory and practice, providing guiding principles to those embarking on or evaluating the merits of a KM program. As a methodology itself for undertaking the development of a body of knowledge, a KM Research Map was developed to guide scholars, researchers, and practitioners. This book presents this map, and showcases cutting-edge scholarship already performed in this nascent field by including the dissertation results of eleven KM scholar/practitioners.


Author : Rita Gunther McGrath
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Robust methods to identify new growth opportunities YOUR SHAREHOLDERS DEMAND growth; your company needs growth; and your career can suffer or soar because of how you drive growth—or don’t. While executives often talk about their great growth plans, very few of these plans actually deliver real gains in growth and profitability. How do some companies manage to beat the odds and bust through the obstacles that make explosive growth so elusive? In this hands-on guide, Rita Gunther McGrath and Ian C. MacMillan identify powerful strategic moves they call “MarketBusters”—approaches that dramatically reconfigure profit streams in an industry, upend conventional competition, and ultimately deliver blockbuster growth. Based on insights from an extensive three-year study, McGrath and MacMillan describe forty proven marketbusting moves and outline five overall strategies companies have used to drive new growth: • Change the customer’s total experience: Make it simpler, faster, or more beneficial for customers to buy from you • Reconfigure your products and services: Transform your offerings to make them clearly superior to competitors’ • Redefine your business and associated key metrics: Change how you do business or how your customers do business in ways that dramatically boost performance • Anticipate or exploit industry shifts: Capitalize on changes before competitors do • Create a new market space: Trigger the emergence of a new market Every marketbusting move is illustrated in practice through vivid company examples—including cautionary tales that alert you to potential pitfalls you may encounter. Action-oriented tools and checklists provide concrete guidance in finding opportunities across your own business platform, executing your chosen move successfully, and exploiting new opportunities to maximize their bottomline impact. The book also provides guidelines for avoiding common implementation challenges and for developing the organizational alignment needed to smooth execution. New opportunities for explosive growth are waiting to be unleashed. MarketBusters is the field guide you need to develop a reliable, robust approach to fueling continuous, profitable growth.


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For more than 40 years, Computerworld has been the leading source of technology news and information for IT influencers worldwide. Computerworld's award-winning Web site (, twice-monthly publication, focused conference series and custom research form the hub of the world's largest global IT media network.

Strategy Synthesis

Author : Bob de Wit
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Conventional strategic management education is dominated by a standard formula that presents few competing perspectives, uses a misleadingly simplistic step-by-step approach, glosses over key debates, and is typically biased towards a particular national or regional context. --

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