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The King Of Fear

Author : Drew Chapman
ISBN : 9781476725918
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 30. 54 MB
Format : PDF
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The blistering sequel to The Ascendant: An action-packed thriller starring a bond trader turned antihero. Unlikely patriot Garrett Reilly can identify threats against America from both inside and outside the nation's borders. But now the whole world's economy is at risk… Garrett Reilly sees what others do not: numbers, patterns, a nation on the brink of collapse. His unique talents saved countries from falling into a world war in The Ascendant. But it also made him a marked man?marked by terrorist groups; marked by the US Government. Then Garrett recognizes a string of events leading to a logic bomb, a malevolent code buried deep in the American economic system with the power to cripple the social and economic structures holding the nation in place. Banks would close, gas stations and grocery shelves would lie empty, total chaos could engulf society within a matter of days. Garrett and the Ascendant team reunite to face enemies on all sides: a wounded Russia bent on keeping its crumbling empire in place, a cyber genius fixated on Garrett, a femme fatale willing to do anything to establish a new world order. In the threat of international cyber risks, and confusion over allegiance and his own personal relationships, Garrett must also confront the faith he has in those around him. After all, it only takes one card to make the whole house fall… A hero with complete disregard for rules and boundaries, Garrett Reilly does have an innate sense of justice. Drew Chapman's rogue genius gives readers “a wild ride through the headlines of our times” (Kirkus Reviews on The Ascendant) and this sequel will not disappoint.

The King Of Fear Part Three

Author : Drew Chapman
ISBN : 9781501131073
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 41. 20 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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The blistering sequel to The Ascendant: An action-packed thriller starring a bond trader turned antihero. Unlikely patriot Garrett Reilly can identify threats against America from both inside and outside the nation’s borders. But now the whole world’s economy is at risk… Garrett Reilly sees what others do not: numbers, patterns, a nation on the brink of collapse. His unique talents saved countries from falling into a world war in The Ascendant. But it also made him a marked man―marked by terrorist groups; marked by the US Government. In the thrilling third-part conclusion of The King of Fear, Garrett and the Ascendant team are one step behind the string of events that spell a societal and economic breakdown. As they race to connect the fragments of a malevolent logic bomb threatening the US, Garrett realizes the shadowy force behind the terrorist actions are personal. And when a team member goes missing in the eleventh hour, Garrett must decide where, in the end, his true loyalties lie…

The Ascendant

Author : Drew Chapman
ISBN : 9781476725901
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 57. 51 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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“Warfare goes digital in movie and TV writer Drew Chapman’s fast-moving debut, a high-stakes thriller that pits the online might of China against that of the United States” (Publishers Weekly) as reluctant patriot Garrett Reilly races around the globe to avert total war. Numbers don’t lie…Not according to Garrett Reilly who, just two weeks past his twenty-sixth birthday, thinks he’s probably the best bond analyst at his brokerage, maybe the best in all of lower Manhattan. Garrett’s memory for numbers is photographic. But he doesn’t just memorize numbers: he sorts them, ranks them, senses patterns. As he watches buy and sell numbers float across his computer monitor, Garrett notices what nobody else can: that US Treasury bonds are being sold off at an alarming rate. Two hundred billion dollars worth. It’s a discovery that Garrett knows will make him stinking rich. But then the US military arrives at his office and Garrett’s life is thrown into free fall. Captain Alexis Truffant explains that Garrett has stumbled on something bigger and scarier than he could have ever imagined: the first attack in a covert war of unthinkable proportions. Garrett begins to link a series of seemingly unrelated—and very dangerous—events that start in New York, but continue to Las Vegas, Oregon, and all lead back to rural China. Suddenly, Garrett is the only one left standing between an unknown enemy and the very security of our country. The only problem? Numbers don’t lie…but sometimes governments do. “The Hunt for Red October meets Hackers…Ascendant is a must-read for international thriller fans” (Booklist, starred review). “This is a wild ride through the headlines of our times” (Kirkus Reviews).

Sea Strike

Author : James H. Cobb
ISBN : 0425166163
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 37. 56 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Commander Amanda Lee Garrett and the crew of the high-tech stealth destroyer USS Cunningham become caught in the middle of a dangerous, escalating conflict between Taiwan and the People's Republic of China


Author : Henry Porter
ISBN : 9781409123569
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 39. 42 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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November 1989. The fall of the Berlin Wall. One man is caught between East and West... The Stasi was among the most sophisticated intelligence organisations in the world, but by the end of the 1980s the Orwellian state of East Germany was collapsing around it. The special squads of armed officers, the torture chambers in the Stasi jail, the hundreds of thousands of informers could do nothing to prevent the rebellion that saw the fall of the Berlin Wall. It is in the context of these last few paranoid weeks of the Communist world, when a population that had been oppressed for nearly sixty years found the will to rise up, that this outstanding thriller is set. Its hero is Dr Rudolf Rosenharte, an academic from Dresden and agent for MI6; his controller is Robert Harland, from A SPY'S LIFE and EMPIRE STATE. When Rosenharte's security is compromised he is faced with a stark choice: to defect to the West, leaving his beloved family to the mercies of the Stasi, or return to East Germany to carry out a dangerous assignment under the Stasi's suspicious eye...

The Fall Of Moscow Station

Author : Mark Henshaw
ISBN : 9781501100321
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 77. 17 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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“A high-tension page-turner...ready to run with the likes of Reacher or Bourne.” (Kirkus Reviews) When a body with Russian military tattoos is found floating in a lake outside Berlin, the CIA immediately takes notice. The body is identified as the director of Russia’s Foundation for Advanced Nuclear Research, who is also a CIA asset. And the murder coincides with the defection of one of the CIA’s upper-level officers. Alden Maines is jaded after years in the CIA cleaning up the messes of incompetent political appointees in dangerous foreign posts. When he is passed over for promotion, Maines crosses the Rubicon and decides to cash in as a double agent for Russia. But while Maines dreams of off-shore bank accounts and a new secret life, Arkady Lavrov of Russia’s intelligence service (GRU) has other plans. He immediately announces Maines’s defection to the world and then pumps him for every last ounce of intel, including the names of every agent in the CIA’s Moscow Station and their assets working in the Kremlin. But why would Lavrov burn an asset whose intel and access could pay dividends for years to come? What is Lavrov up to? Traveling from Langley to Berlin and finally Moscow—working black without backup—analyst Jonathan Burke and agent Kyra Stryker are up against their most formidable enemy yet, and their lives and the fate of America’s most important assets in the New Cold War hang in the balance.

The No Spin Zone

Author : Bill O'Reilly
ISBN : 9780767911016
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 37. 78 MB
Format : PDF
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On the heels of his runaway New York Times bestseller, The O’Reilly Factor, Bill O’Reilly delivers another strong dose of no-holds-barred advice and the unvarnished truth for America. Bill O’Reilly is even madder today than when he wrote his last book The O’Reilly Factor–and his fans love him even more. He’s mad because things have gone from bad to worse, in politics, in Hollywood, in every social stratum of the nation. True to its title, The No-Spin Zone cuts through all the rhetoric that some of O’Reilly’s most infamous guests have spewed to expose what’s really on their minds, while sharing plenty of his own emphatic counterpoints along the way. Shining a searing spotlight on public figures from President George W. Bush and Senator Hillary Clinton to the Reverend Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, and his former CBS News colleague Dan Rather, The No-Spin Zone is laced with the kind of straight-shooting commentary that has made O’Reilly the voice of middle America’s disenfranchised. Examining sex and violence in the media and the tarnished legacy of the Clintons with the same feistiness as the death penalty (which he opposes) and timid national news organizations that roll over for the powerful, Bill O’Reilly delivers not only his opinions, but the documented attitudes of the country’s movers and shakers as well. It demonstrates just why O’Reilly has become the most successful, the most controversial, the most beloved (by some), and the most disliked (by others) figure in television news today_and a culture hero to tens of millions of everyday Americans. And that’s fact, not spin. From the Hardcover edition.

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