yoga essentials 101 a beginners handbook to the practice of yoga

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Yoga Essentials 101

Author : Essence McDaniels
ISBN : 1537707817
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Yoga is a powerful way to change your mind, body and perspective on life. Beyond the physical side of yoga, this practice can help to improve your mental state, focus and happiness. Over thousands of years, yoga has developed into a complex system of poses that can be utilized by everyone. Millions of people have used the breathing exercises and postures to develop a better state of mind and healthier lifestyle. From healthful benefits to spiritual practice, yoga is a key part of any daily physical, mental or spiritual practice. Used by Buddhist monks and Hindu yogis, it has retained its relevancy in the modern world because, unlike fad diets and popular exercise programs, yoga works. This book is intended to guide the beginning practitioner in their yoga practice. Like any art form or exercise, yoga requires continued effort for you to master it. By its very nature, yoga will help to open your mind to universal laws as it brings you to your individual truth.

The Effects Of Hatha Yoga And Weight Training On Trait And State Anxiety

Author :
ISBN : 9780542817755
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The purpose of the study was to compare the effect of two forms of anaerobic exercise, weight training and Hatha yoga, on trait and state anxiety. High levels of trait and state anxiety can cause chronic conditions and develop into an anxiety disorder; therefore, the purpose of this study was to determine how exercise contributes to reducing state and trait anxiety. The research question was: Is there a significant difference between two forms of anaerobic exercise (weight training and Hatha yoga) in changing state and/or trait anxiety? Treatment groups representing each of the two types of anaerobic exercise completed a pretest and posttest State/Trait Anxiety Inventory. Participants were from a convenience sample of 31 males and females attending exercise classes at a postsecondary adult educational institution. Participants completed either weight training or a Hatha yoga session once a week for 8 weeks. Results of the repeated measures analysis of variance tests indicated that there was no significant difference in change (based on the difference between pretest and posttest state (situational) anxiety) between the weight training and yoga groups. However, those in the weight-training group demonstrated a gain in trait anxiety on the inventory, while those in the yoga group demonstrated a decline in trait anxiety. This indicates that Hatha yoga may be more effective in anxiety reduction than weight training and that it can also decrease the manifest anxiety of the exerciser. These findings have important implications for social change in that specific forms of exercise may be more effective in reducing, and that some may actually increase, anxiety. Such information about exercise may be important to clinicians in helping clients with life-threatening conditions as well as to individuals who seek to manage anxiety on their own.

Camp Counseling

Author : Joel F. Meier
ISBN : 9781478609643
Genre : Sports & Recreation
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Through the first seven editions of this enduring text, A. Viola Mitchell shared her knowledge and skills with legions of educators, camp directors, and counselors who participated in the organized camp movement. This classic, highly regarded volume has now been thoroughly updated to provide a 21st-century view of the trends, philosophies, and practices of organized camping. The Eighth Edition retains the overarching emphasis on leadership skills and program activities and ideas, updating their treatment with the latest research on positive youth development and outcomes-based programming. New chapters discuss trends in organized camping, efforts to expand opportunities for camp participation, and strategies to increase physical activity among children and youth. Substantially revised topics include modern behavior management tools and techniques, leadership strategies, problem solving, group processes, and the importance of research and evaluation. Throughout, the authors infuse the discussion with a leave no trace conservation ethic that promotes ways to enjoy the outdoors in a responsible, sustainable manner. The essence of organized camping has remained the same throughout its 150-year history: democratic, group living in the outdoors supported by competent, well-trained leaders. The latest edition of Camp Counseling celebrates that essence in every chapter, illuminated by more than 120 new photographs as well as numerous illustrations and boxed exhibits. Moreover, extensive, annotated resource lists in every chapter provide countless opportunities to explore topics in greater depth.

Books In Print 2004 2005

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ISBN : 0835246477
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Kundalini Yoga Meditation Techniques Specific For Psychiatric Disorders Couples Therapy And Personal Growth

Author : David Shannahoff-Khalsa
ISBN : 9780393704754
Genre : Health & Fitness
File Size : 66. 2 MB
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An introduction to the yogic breathing and mind-body techniques of Kundalini yoga explains their potentially beneficial applications for such disorders as depression, ADHD, and chronic fatigue syndrome.

Books In Print 1997 98

Author : R R Bowker Publishing
ISBN : 0835239624
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Chakras For Beginners

Author : David Pond
ISBN : 1567185371
Genre : Health & Fitness
File Size : 71. 37 MB
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Chances are you've heard of the chakras. They're those spinning vortexes of energy associated with places along the spine. But you might be wondering, "What are they good for?" If you've ever had that question, you need Chakras for Beginners. This book is filled with exercises and meditations that will allow you to balance out the energy in each of your chakras. This will allow you to make better decisions (3rd chakra) and get more pleasure out of life (2nd chakra). The other chakras can help you improve your communication skills, and overcome your fears. They'll help you find your spiritual path in life and bring back the zip and zing which may have been missing. Author David Pond explains how to do all of this. You see, all of your chakras are working, but chances are they do not have balanced energy. Through simple techniques and meditations, Pond shows you how you can add the Universal Energy to your own. You can then use this to balance the energy of each chakra. When you do, your fears will fall away. Decisions will be easier to make and you'll feel able to make the right choices more often. You'll learn to share universal love, be able to communicate better. And all of this will come from the simple exercises and meditations in this book! Isn't it time you found out the truth about the chakras? Isn't it about time you made use of them to improve your life? It's your birthright! Take advantage of it. Get this book today and start improving your life right away.

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